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User Research & 3D Assets Managemet. ROVIO

ROVIO. User research and 3D assets management services


Rovio, a global mobile games company, aimed to enhance efficiency and innovate 3D asset workflows, and Unravel aided by conducting user research to identify artists' needs and pain points.


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Unravel explored requirements for a 3D Asset Management Platform that would enable designers to share, deposit and convert existing assets. Designers would save time, work more efficiently and share creative work in no time between teams.​ In the second stage, Unravel performed market research and business analysis in order to verify for Rovio tools and development options that would satisfy identified business and users’ needs.​


" We wanted to get fresh eyes on the solution we needed and you had valuable insights. I am very happy we were able to do the work together and I would be glad to work with you again.”

Scott Liedtka
Head of Character LabRovio Entertainment


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