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AVA hybrid board game

P-Ton. AVA hybrid board game

P-ton for AVA​

P‑ton AG is a German company builder supporting startups in turning their business ideas into successful companies. Unravel and Spyrosoft cooperated with P-ton on the AVA project, a digital boardgames revolution.​

AVA is a hybrid board game console that merges the analogue board game with digital display tiles to create a new game world. You can set up any board size that is needed for the game of your choice. ​




Unravel created the AVA brand visual identity, including the logo, typography, the digital mascot, and a landing page. Next we moved on to designing the marketplace - games distribution platform. The process was preceded by research to benchmark quality solutions for smooth, intuitive functionality, and UX. To help a customer pass all funnels with ease, the designers worked on the whole concept, from products catalogue, search engine and intuitive onboarding to payment control and customer support.​

Finally, Spyrosoft designed and implemented a prototype of a a dice communicating over BLE with a gaming board. ​



Research Visual design
AWS Sketch
Brand identity CAD




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