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HMI Design for XTPL Printer​

XTPL. HMI design for XTPL printer

XTPL printer

XTPL, a Polish company, produces high-precision printing system in microelectronics, and highly-concentrated silver inks that will revolutionize many industry sectors.




In order to modernize and unify user interfaces, XTPL asked Unravel team to create new HMI design for their printer. Prior to shaping visual designs for the interface, we conducted an extensive 6-weeks long discovery phase. Users shadowing and interviews, market research, and customer interviews led to a deep understanding of what an end-user expects also aligned knowledge on the very niche and breakthrough technology.​

Next, we created the first user-centric wireframes and tested them with representative end-users so that we could design validated product wireframes.



Research UX
UI Prototype
User testing HMI
Tech recommendations Figma




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