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Migrart, an online platform for migrant artists
with Tech To The Rescue. Pro Bono design
Migrart website. Pro bono design.


For artists starting new life in Poland, Strefa WolnoSłowa Foundation created the Migrart initiative. The project is the first online platform to present the works of migrant creatives living in Poland. It connects migrant artists of various backgrounds with their potential clients and employers. It offers a database with contacts and portfolios of artists and provides regular networking meetings.


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The project objectives

W conducted an audit of the current website and analysed user paths. Our research was complemented by feedback from the platform users. Gathered insights clarified our beliefs that the website needed improvements in useability, onboarding process and artwork & portfolio presentation. It was also necessary to make the website more clear and intuitive.

The design process


The research phase was aimed at benchmarking the best international trade platforms and discovering the average users’ seamless flow. Gathered insights clarified the project’s best design ideas and effortless user experience. It also became clear what specific user interface patterns give the best look and feel.


We focused on information architecture and interesting content presentation. Based on the problems identified we came up with potential solutions. Minor improvements, like adding descriptive hero section on the homepage, artists’ activities and artwork, or search engine with filtering options. The pop-up window inviting to fill in the application form was replaced with a Call-To-Action button. Next, we minimized the application form, split it into three main steps and introduced predefined, searchable and filterable tags describing users artwork.

The last pain point we addressed in the project was the simplification of an artist profile. To make the subpage clearer, we separated it into two switchable sections: bio and portfolio, and we added contact section filled with basic information about the artist and links to their external pages or other portfolios.

The outcome

As a result, we designed a website that is much easier to use. The main tasks that either visitors or artists perform on the website were simplified thanks to the new information structure. The overall improvement of the website makes it more intuitive and ready to serve its core mission.


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