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Highly Adaptable Cross-Platform Design System

Highly Adaptable Cross-Platform Design System


We collaborated with a leading UK motor insurance company to create a consistent design system for the flawless user experience. The design system was created simultaneously to web & mobile app development. The result was an omnichannel product revolving around three main components.



 Multiple touchpoints


Focused on onboarding clients and conversion optimisation​.


Mobile app

Providing self-service post-purchase support of the motor policy.



Present in both the mobile and web experience, the chatbot was the first line of support for customers.



Designing for multiple brands

Creating a multi-brand structure in Figma was one of our most complex undertakings. We built the entire Design System from scratch, tokenized colors, typography and components. Tokens in design systems are a set of standardized, reusable values that help maintain consistency and scalability in a design.





For the web platform, we adopted a two-layered approach to tokenization due to its complexity and multiple colors in use.The first layer consisted of alias colors, while the second layer comprised system tokens, serving as the final tokens employed in the design and all components.


Design system Research
White labeling Design tokens
Token Studio Web
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