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UI Audit. Boosting

User Engagement for Veracode app

Veracode. UI Audit. Boosting User Engagement for Veracode app.


Veracode's eLearning platform provides knowledge and skills developers need to ensure their company delivers secure software. They learn how to write secure code from the start in way that complements their individual learning styles.


veracode dashboard


Focused learning is all about interaction and attention. However, from the designer’s perspective it is equally important to unravel user’s approach to the learning process. How and why they behave unexpectedly? Are they following the learning path the way we expect them to? With UI audit we had to dentify interruptions and distractions that might ruin the learning experience and result in resistance to the training.

The Process


We conducted a series of end-user interviews, which delivered insights beyond fixing visual cues and eliminating UI distractors that could break learner’s cognitive flow. Based on the findings we created new users flows and introduced elements of gamification aimed at helping users pick the next steps in their learning program.


We conducted detailed UX audit that identified some errors and let us create follow up steps. Key layout components were redesigned to increase consistency and help users focus on learning. Additionally, we introduced internal product glossary to help with consistent naming across various application screens. Then we delivered and managed a product redesign roadmap.

The Outcome

Design & Empathy – the combo for a deep and efficient learning experience. With new design we ensured maintaining users focus on a series of exercises and the learning platform both the company and learners can depend on.



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Visual design UX
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