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Creative design and fascinating outcomes of Spatial Design.

Creative design and fascinating outcomes of Spatial Design.



A spatial interface is essentially an interface where elements inside of it are free to move within the space of the interface like in real world. They hold immense potential in transforming user experiences by immersing users in 3D environments. They offer an exciting canvas for creative design. Designers must prioritize user-centered approaches, ensuring simplicity, clarity, and accessibility. Keeping up with evolving trends and staying informed is crucial in this rapidly developing field.

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With the advent of Spatial Design, the Glassmorphism trend is about to be reborn and become more popular. It can offer a captivating visual layer that enhances immersion and interaction. By employing frosted glass-like effects and translucency, designers can create a sense of depth and context within these spaces, guiding users intuitively. Glassmorphism's potential lies in establishing hierarchy and presenting information without completely obstructing the user's view of their surroundings, making it particularly valuable for augmented reality experiences. Interaction design must be adapted to incorporate gestures, gaze, and 3D movements, ensuring that Glassmorphism enhances, rather than hinders, usability. While it can bring a modern and visually appealing aesthetic, the potential for visual discomfort due to motion and blurriness should be acknowledged.

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Principles and fundamentals of spatial design were excellently demonstrated by Apple this year. In their pursuit of maximum immersion readability and overall quality, Apple explored a wide range of materials, undoubtedly putting significant effort into the process. However, that doesn't mean we should unquestionably embrace their findings as the sole solution. In Unravel, we believe that experimentation is one of the most important elements that enable us to grow and improve. While the foundation Apple has built is undoubtedly solid, it serves as a starting point rather than an endpoint. To truly innovate, it's essential to break free from the confines of familiarity. Playing with materials and exploring unconventional ideas can yield remarkably fascinating outcomes.

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